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Covid-19 Update

Minnesota is facing a surge in COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations. Hospitals are now full and ER wait times are often between 6 and 12 hours.

As an Evergreen Primary Care patient, know we are here to help you through this scary and challenging time.

  • If you have not yet received a COVID-19 booster, let us know. We are providing the Moderna vaccine booster here at the clinic. Contact your Evergreen doctor for more information.

  • If you think you may have been exposed, or if you are having symptoms that could be due to COVID-19 (including fever, cough, loss of taste or smell, headaches, upset stomach, body aches, congestion, shortness of breath) We provide rapid antigen testing and PCR testing, and can get you tested right away.

  • If you do test positive for COVID-19, we help provide outpatient treatment to closely monitor your symptoms and help prevent worsening. You may be a candidate for monoclonal antibody treatment which we can arrange.

  • If you have an injury or other new symptoms that potentially could lead to an ER visit or hospitalization, contact your Evergreen doctor sooner than later. We can evaluate and treat many acute injuries and conditions, even suture lacerations. Remember we are here for you even after business hours. It's better to call your doctor's direct line rather than a nurse care line. A nurse, who does not know you, is much more likely to recommend going to the ER than your personal physician would. Certainly, if you are experiencing life threatening symptoms call 911. However, it may be hard sometimes for you to tell. If you are unsure, call your Evergreen doctor.


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